We often find ourselves slipping up, zoning out and missing a few turns during a drive. These are common occurrences and may not raise a question on your driving skills.

However, if incidents like narrow escapes, near-death experiences and blurriness during the night have increased, it might be time to polish your driving skills. When your—and everybody else’s—safety is at risk, there is no need to shy away from taking a few driving lessons again.

If you’ve encountered any of the following situations on the road, it’s a sign that your driving skills need improvement:

There’s A Drastic Increase In Scrapes And Dents

Dents and scrapes can result from a parking lot hit, an overtake or while reversing.

However, when scrapes start to spear on garage doors, fences, curbs and mailboxes, it may be a sign that your driving skills aren’t as sharp as they once were. An increased number of dents on your car is also a sign that you need to work on your driving skills again.

Left Turns Have Become A Nightmare

According to research conducted by the US Department of Transportation, an average motorist will rarely ever get into an accident because of a right-hand turn. This is because while taking a right turn, there aren’t many potential hazards that the driver needs to be aware of. You only need to look in one direction to ensure you don’t get into an accident.

On the other hand, left turns are a completely different story. A left turn requires you to pay attention to pedestrians, animals, other vehicles and potential obstacles on the road from at least two directions, if not all. Failure to do so may result in your car getting T-boned—being hit in the middle from a vehicle coming from either the left or right.

High Speeds Make You Anxious

Keep in mind that while driving under the speed limit might feel safe, it makes you susceptible to being hit from behind. Drivers who start feeling anxious at higher speed tend to drive slower. If it’s not raining or snowing, driving within the speed range is beneficial for everyone’s safety.

These signs indicate that you need to work on your driving skills a bit more in order to drive safely and efficiently—without being a potential hazard to others on the road.

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