As a learner, driving can be a daunting task. From understanding clutch control and parallel parking to using multiple mirrors and memorizing traffic rules, it’s understandable if you’re experiencing brain fade.

In the midst of all of this, imagine being stuck in heavy traffic with blaring horns honking at you from all sides. The whole thing seems like a recipe for disaster, which is why we recommend our students avoid driving in heavy traffic in the early stages of learning. Here’s why;

Little Understanding of Traffic Rules

As passengers, we hardly pay attention to traffic rules and regulations—as that’s the driver’s job. However, everyday road rules are crucial for ensuring the smooth flow of traffic—which is why learning them is important.

It takes time, though; you need to learn about lanes, overtaking, speed limits, special zones, parking spots, and a lot more. And without the right information, navigating a busy street can prove to be unsettling.

A Limited Skill Set

Driving can only be learned through practice and the desire to learn. Beginners usually don’t face problems when driving on relatively quieter streets with little traffic flow. And since safety is at the center of all driving lessons Jacob’s Driving School, we start off our students in a calmer environment, where they’re able to learn how to control the vehicle with peace of mind.

Obstruction of Traffic

We’ve been in the business for over 10 years, and a common occurrence we’ve observed among beginner drivers is the inability to switch between pedals under pressure. Inexperienced drivers and learners can feel overwhelmed in heavy traffic and may step on the brake pedal instead of gas—causing a traffic impediment or even an accident.

Trouble with Blind Spots

It takes time to get used to a car and its external structure. Understanding blind spots not only protects you as a driver, but also keeps other people—who you’re sharing the road with—safe. Your vision, cameras, and side mirrors aren’t enough without experience and skill. You’re likely to hit another car during parking or while changing lanes.

This will result in financial losses as you may have to pay for any damages suffered by the other vehicle/driver and in severe cases, may get you into legal trouble.

Final Thoughts

None of this means that you can never drive in heavy traffic. Defensive driving is a necessary skill that should be learnt if you hope to acquire a driver’s license in the near future. An ideal way to start driving in heavy traffic is by letting a trainer help you. To save time and improve skills professionally, enroll yourself at Jacob’s Driving School and receive expert driving coaching.

When you have a professional by your side, not only will you learn fast but also feel safer if an unfortunate situation arises. Give us a call at (602) 297-1000 and book yourself for defensive driving today! We serve in Tempe, Litchfield, Tolleson, Avondale and surrounding Arizona cities.

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