Far too many young men are seen behaving wildly on the road. It is difficult to understand the reasons behind such unnecessary behavior which could harm, or worse, take a life- and that life might just be their own. Statistics show that the number of deaths caused by road accidents is far greater in men than in women. The death rate in the US was calculated to be 30 per 100,000 among males of age 21.

What these men fail to understand is that reckless driving is full of risks and absolutely unsafe. There is nothing to gain from overtaking a car rashly and blocking it unnecessarily. The 5 seconds lead will not help you reach your destination earlier. But the consequence as a result of the haste and rash driving might just make you late!

5 Reasons Why Young Men Behave Aggressively On The Road:

  1. Research shows evidence that young drivers who have scored well on their personality measures of sensation-seeking tend to drive aggressively. They often don’t even realize that they are being aggressive.
  2. As we become more experienced drivers, it becomes more of a task that we can somehow automatically do. We also learn to predict other driver’s movements and in doing so, we sometimes miscalculate the minimal safe braking distance or the time that can be saved if we drive faster. Data shows that about 80-90% of drivers believe that they have above average ability; a clearly impossible notion.
  3. Demonstration of aggressive behavior like tailgating, constant honking and so on are more common in cases when the person considers himself to be the more important driver. Young men are often of similar opinion about themselves, thereby ignoring all moral standards when on the road.
  4. Many drivers believe that they can see everything that is happening on the road. They overestimate their own abilities and indulge in a false sense of security. Result? 30 deaths per 100,000 in aged 21.
  5. Lastly, any near misses are not the driver’s mistake but the other person’s fault. With no real sense of responsibility, these young boys do not own up to their faults. Explained as the fundamental attribution error, psychologists say that people often tend to attribute other’s mistakes to their personalities; but any mistake on their own part is situational.

With only one hand on the steering wheel and a shortage of patience or tolerance, young drivers are seen as part of accidents that could have otherwise been avoided with only basic caution and safety measures. The consequence of this reckless attitude is an unnecessary injury, or death. Part of why these men show aggressive and violent behavior is the fact that they skip formal driving lessons.

It is important that the young generation be taught that driving schools are extremely important. Not only does it train you on a number of different lessons such as road signs and road situations, it also teaches you the safety measures that are necessary for you to take in order to ensure everyone’s safety. There are specific rules pertaining to driving for every country and state, driving schools update their curriculum as the government amends any rules, so that the driver stay up to date with the current laws and drives within the rule of law. For example, if you reside in Arizona, then Jacob’s Driving & Traffic School offers driving lessons that will turn you into an expert driver. It gives you a wholesome experience and offers you with improved driving skills. What is even more important is that all driving schools teach you the importance of having patience while you are on the road. There is nothing more important than staying safe and keeping others safe.

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