Aggressive drivers make roads unsafe for everyone around them. Reports state that over 37,000 people  die in car crashes in the Unites States every year. To help make roads safer for all drivers, the National Safety Council (NSC) suggests that drivers start to learn defensive driving. Taking defensive driving lessons gives you the chance to practice safe habits behind the driving wheel, equipping you with the skills that’ll help avoid accidents on the road.  Here are some benefits of defensive driving that you should know:

Improved Safety

When on the road, safety is of paramount importance and that’s exactly why defensive driving is so great. Strategies taught through defensive driving like not following a car too closely gives the driver more time to react to any sudden car movements. You’ve more time and better chances to reach the brakes and avoid getting into a potential accident. There’s no reason better than safety when it comes to learning this very important driving skill.

Lower Insurance Premiums

Insurance premiums are often decided based on your history as a driver. If you have a lot of tickets on your driving record, you’ll probably be charged a high premium on your car insurance. Many insurance providers will take a little off the premium if you can prove you’ve attended defensive driving courses endorsed by the government of Arizona.

Since you’ll pose less of a financial risk, your insurance provider will offer insurance on lower interest rates for having taken a defensive driving course.

Lower Points on Driver’s License

Insurance premiums in Arizona are determined by a points system that tells the insurance provider how many violations you have on your license. Each time you get a driving ticket, a certain amount of points is added to your driving record; as the number of tickets you get increases, so do the points on your record.  The higher the points in your record, the insurance premium charged by your providers will get correspondingly higher.

Attending defensive driving school actually lowers the points on your driving records and helps arrange a lower car insurance premium.

Ticket and Fine Dismissals

The legal system in Arizona goes easy on people who’ve attended defensive driving school. Anyone who attends a course can have their tickets and fines dismissed, in many cases they might not even have to appear in courts for a hearing.

Having attended a defensive driving course, your fine assessments are suspended and you avoid a major hassle with the courts/traffic authorities.


Book your lesson today with Jacob’s Driving and Traffic School in Arizona and leave your road safety concerns behind. For more information, get in touch with us today.

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