Approximately 6 million accidents occur in America on a yearly basis. Among the most common causes are reckless, distracted and drunk driving. Learning how to use simple car features like mirrors and practicing a few additional skills like defensive driving can make your driving experience safer.

Unfortunately, many drivers don’t have complete knowledge of their car mirrors and how to use them.

Let’s change that, shall we? Here’s everything you need to know about using those mirrors:

Moving From a Parked Position

When you’re about to move out of parking, it’s always wise to make sure the path is clear. Take a moment to observe around the car before you start driving. Use the side mirrors and rear-view mirror to see if everything’s clear. If all looks okay, you can drive away.

Adjusting the Speed

You should always check all the mirrors before accelerating or slowing down. At times, a sudden change in speed might not allow the drivers behind enough time to react.

Maintain a Safe Distance from Another Vehicle

Use the mirrors to keep checking how far or near your car is to vehicles and drive accordingly. Keeping a safe distance from vehicles in the front and at the back helps you avoid unnecessary accidents.

Check Mirrors Before Turning

A common mistake that drivers often make is that they signal for a turn and then turn immediately, without checking for cars behind them. You should first check your side mirrors and see if it’s safe to turn, and act accordingly.

Changing Lanes and Overtaking

Mirrors also need to be used before changing lanes or overtaking other cars. You never know if a car is speeding from behind, and might hit you as you change lanes. So make sure there are no cars at the side and use your mirrors.

Road safety is of paramount importance and using car mirrors appropriately can help you achieve that. If you’re not confident in your driving abilities, get a professional driving instructor to train you. At Jacob’s Driving and Traffic School in Arizona, we equip our students with the driving skills and road safety knowledge needed to make them safe and responsible drivers. Check out our services on the website and book your lesson today!

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