Are you ready to hit the road? The thought of your first driving test can be intimidating. It’s all about focus and determination, and how well you’ve been following the guidelines given by your driving instructor. Research has found that more than 50 percent of first-time drivers fail their driving test. The written part of the driving test on the other hand, was failed by around 44 percent people.

But don’t let these numbers belittle you, because passing your driving test in the first go isn’t impossible either. The first step you can take is to manage your driving anxiety, and focus on the journey rather than the destination.

Below we will discuss how you can ace your driving test in the first go!

Consider taking a lesson beforehand

Try to fit in a driving lesson on the same day when your test is scheduled. Not only will this allow you to go over any maneuvers, it will also give you the chance to ask any important last-minute questions.

You’ll also be able to calm your nerves and these lessons will help you recap everything you’ve learnt so far. You’ll be in the right frame of mind to take on the road.

Driver your instructor’s car

It’s important for you to drive a car you’re familiar with—your instructor’s car can be a viable option. Not only will it meet the examiner’s standard car requirements, but you’ll also have the advantage of knowing how and where all the controls are.

Don’t think you’ve failed

Don’t just assume you’ve failed the test because of some mistake you made. Keep in mind that you’re allowed to make 15 minor mistakes during your test, so don’t dwell on your mistakes as it might kill your motivation to do well and proceed further.

Be knowledgeable about your test routes

Though it may not be possible for you to determine what the traffic situation is going to be like on a certain day, it is possible for you to get familiar with the area and test routes. Ask your test center and get all the necessary information. You need to make sure you practice on different roads to avoid disappointments

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