Do you struggle while reversing the car? You’re not alone!

Reversing a car is not easy. It requires a lot of practice. However, we want to help make this a little easier for you. So, we’ve put together a few tips that can help you while reversing your car. Here it goes:

Find a Quiet Area to Practice

Practicing in a crowded place can distract you. To avoid disturbances, find quiet place; an empty parking lot, for example. You’ll be able to focus better and concentrate more. You could use the street lights in the parking lot as a guide and practice reversing between the posts. The gap between them is sufficiently large, giving you enough space to practice reversing.

Move the Car Slowly

If you move the car too fast while reversing, you may hit the curb or another car. This is especially risky for someone who isn’t confident while reversing. Moving the car slowly while you reverse will give you enough time to maneuver the car carefully. And should you feel like you’re about to hit something, you have enough time to react and control the car accordingly.

Let Your Hands Follow your Eyes

Many beginners make the mistake of looking at the steering wheel while reversing. This isn’t going to help much. Instead, look where you want the car to go and steer the car accordingly. It’ll be a little difficult in the start, but your brain will eventually learn to follow your eyes.

You also want to avoid using the rear mirror while reversing. Mirrors reverse images horizontally and that can make the whole task even more difficult. Check the back and sides of the car in the mirrors and then use the window to guide you.

Straighten the Wheels

Many learners face difficulty straightening the car while reversing. Usually, this requires one and a half turns from a full lock.

You can develop this skill by practicing a few times—steer a full lock on one side and see how many turns it takes to straighten it up. This means if it took you one and half turns to the left, you’ll have to steer one and half turns to the right to straighten the wheels.

Driving in reverse isn’t a skill that you can learn overnight. It can only be perfected with practice. Don’t over-think while reversing and keep things simple. You’ll see that with practice and time, your confidence will increase and so will your reversing skills.

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