According to The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 94% of all car accidents occur due to human error. These human errors include the driver’s inability to stay focused on the road, or failure to properly communicate their intentions on the road. For this reason your car is equipped with various signaling devices like, brake lights, headlights etc.

These signals are used to give prior notice to other vehicles about their intended maneuvers. Be sure to refrain from pre mature signaling as that too could confuse other drivers. For this reason we’re going to go in detail about these signaling devices and their proper uses.

The Signaling Devices


The horn is by far the oldest and least tempered signaling device in the history of automobiles. It’s used to warn drivers for various reasons like, expressing anger, wanting a clear path for the purposes of overtaking.

Turn Signals

These signals are used whenever you’re about to shift lanes or turn into a different road.

Brake Lights

Whenever you hit your brakes, your car’s brake lights turn on in order to communicate to the drivers behind that they should slow down. Thus, it’s important to ensure functioning brake lights. Try to slow down early, so that the drivers at the back have enough time to prepare.

Hazard Lights

This signal is used when the driver wants to warn other drivers on the road about car trouble or any upcoming hazard.


Headlights are extremely important for night drives and during bad weather conditions.

Reverse Signal

When your car’s put into reverse gear, the reverse lights at the back of your car light up to indicate you’re backing up.

When to Use these Signals

Make sure you’re only using these signals for the purpose of maintaining the safety on the road.  Make sure that you keep a minimum distance of 100 ft between you and the road turn before you use your turn signals. The same case applies for brakes, lane changing, pulling over etc. Be cautious of the fact that even though you’ve indicated your next move, this doesn’t always mean that the other drivers see it.

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